Beretta USA J30TJ10C A300 Outlander Sporting RL 12 Gauge 30″ 2 3″ Black Walnut R

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Berettas A300 Outlander is a softshooting gasoperated shotgun for upland birds ducks turkey and sporting clays. It is made of proprietary steel blends for durability while the Mobilchoke barrel is designed to shrug off the pounding of heavy hunting loads. The selfcleaning gas piston makes this shotgun shoot much cleaner than other actions giving more durability as well as less work keeping it in perfect shape. It has a grooved alloy aluminum receiver reversible safety and a chromeplated trigger. The foreend has long slender contours and a polymer cap making it very lightweight weather and rustresistant. In front of the foreend cap is applied a practical swivel stud. The walnut stock provides superior comfort a secure grip that is contoured to optimally accommodate the hand of the user with a top ambidextrous finger rest. The Sporting model is ideal for sporting clays shooter in mind. It features 30 barrel with a wider sporting rib and a midbead larger sporting stock with enhanced engraving higher grade wood MicroCore Sporting Pad and a distinct receiver engraving and color to set the gun apart on the line. This Reduced Length 12 gauge model has a 3″ chamber and MobileChoke Victory choke tubes.”


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