Weatherby Vanguard 6.5×300 Wthby Mag 3+1 26″ Gray w/Black Panels Fixed Monte Car

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Weatherbys Vanguard rifles are guaranteed to shoot a 3shot group of .99 or less at 100 yards SUBMOA from a cold barrel when used with Weatherby factory or premium ammunition. Vanguard rifles are equipped with a match quality twostage trigger adjustable down to 2.5 lbs. and a 3position safety with the middle position allowing the shooter to work the action while safety is still engaged.The Vanguard action incorporates a onepiece machined bolt body fluted for reduction in weight and bearing surface area while eliminating binding for smooth action. Three gas ports allow highpressure gases to escape laterally in the event of an accidental case rupture and the massive M16style extractor ensures reliable and positive extraction. Vanguard rifles have a onepiece machined receiver featuring an integral recoil lug for the utmost in strength and structural integrity along with a onepiece trigger guard with a hinged floorplate for easy access to unfired cartridges in the magazine. The lightweight composite Monte Carlo Griptonite stock has pistol grip and forend inserts and a right side palm swell aids in control and shooter comfort. It has a bead blasted matte metal finish and a 2 barrel contour. This Vanguard Synthetic model has a gray stock with black inserts and a 26″ blued barrel.”


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