Due to the Governor’s orders regarding COVID-19 the GTSR shooting lanes are temporarily closed until further notice. Our retail showroom remains open to the public under the Governor’s guideline of 10 patrons at a time. All scheduled classes for the month of April have been postponed and will be rescheduled at a future date.

Range Fees

The hourly range fee for non-members is $23 for the primary shooter and $13 for each additional shooter sharing the lane. Active and retired law enforcement, military members and first responders shoot for $18.


  • Ear and eye protection is required on the range. If you do not have your own, you may rent ear muffs ($4) for use during your visit. A variety of ear and eye protection products are also available for purchase.
  • Sand bags suitable for use on the range tables are also available for rent ($3).

Bay Rental

You may rent an entire 8-lane bay if you wish. The rental fees are $160 per hour (weekday) and $240 per hour (weekend). The rental fee includes the use of our classroom and the supervision of a Range Safety Officer.

Ammo Policy

  • All ammo used on the range must be jacketed or semi-jacketed. The only exception is .22cal.
  • You can shoot your ammo in the firearms you bring to the range. You must purchase ammo from the range for any firearms you rent.
  • You can shoot handguns, shotguns and rifles, up to .30-06. For shotguns, we allow 00, 000, and slug, but no birdshot.
  • We do not allow tracers, steel core/jacketed (e.g. Tulammo or Wolf unless they are RANGE-SAFE) or armor piercing (e.g. PMC LAP, green tips).
  • All rifle magazines must be empty when the rifle is brought into the building.
  • Because steel core ammo causes permanent damage to the range, we inspect all rifle ammo brought to the range. If our magnet is attracted to your ammo, we will not allow its use on the range. You may leave it with us while you are shooting or return it to your vehicle.

Target Policy

We have a large selection of targets for sale at the range. You may bring your targets to the range if you prefer.

First Timers

  • We encourage people who have never shot before to visit the range.
  • You must be 21 years old or with someone who is 21 years old or older. When you arrive, let us know you’re a beginner and we’ll set you up with an Instructor. He or she will help you pick out the right firearm for you and provide you with instruction on its operation. You will need to purchase ammo from us for the rental. Be sure to bring your ID.
  • Our goal is to make your visit enjoyable!