Due to the Governor’s orders regarding COVID-19 the GTSR shooting lanes are temporarily closed until further notice. Our retail showroom remains open to the public under the Governor’s guideline of 10 patrons at a time. All scheduled classes for the month of April have been postponed and will be rescheduled at a future date.

All classes offered by Green Top Shooting Range are held in-house and led by NRA-Certified firearms Instructors. Classes that involve live-fire instruction are capped at 8 students to insure a safe environment and every student receives the attention they need. Advanced courses may be capped at 3-4 students for the same reason.

Regular Classes

  • Basic Handgun 2 - Basic Holster Skills
  • Basic Handgun 3 - Virginia Concealed Carry Fundamentals
  • Defensive Handgun 1 - Handgun Fundamentals
  • Defensive Handgun 2 - Advanced Holster Skills
  • Defensive Handgun 3
  • Low Light/No Light Engagement
  • Transition Skills (Handgun to Rifle/Rifle to Handgun)
  • Movement Dynamics
  • Handgun Cleaning
  • Introduction to the AR15
  • AR/Rifle Cleaning

One-on-One Instruction

A personal training session is great for any individual who wants to gain more knowledge and experience. The goal can be as simple as wanting to learn to shoot a handgun or how to correct a bad habit like anticipating recoil, or as complex as your skill level allows.

Ladies-only Training

Some women prefer to learn in a ladies-only environment, so we regularly offer an Introduction to Handguns class for ladies only. This class is specifically designed for the newcomer to shooting—no experience is necessary. Participants can expect to learn about basic safety rules, different types of handguns and ammunition, handgun maintenance, marksmanship fundamentals and more. All required equipment is provided by the range.


Hourly lane rentals for non-members are as follows: $23 for primary shooter, $13 for any secondary shooters on same lane (maximum of 4). Hourly rate for law enforcement, military and first responders is $18. Rental handguns are $15 per hour. Rental rifles and shotguns are $20 per hour. Click on the MEMBERSHIP tab for complete information on our money-saving membership packages.

Range Rules

  • You MUST complete and sign a Range Waiver if it is your first time shooting at the range.
  • Always ensure your eye and ear protection is on before entering a range bay. This applies to shooters and non-shooters entering a range bay.
  • Acceptable eye protection includes shooting glasses, goggles or eyeglasses with shatterproof lenses. (Eye protection is available for rent or purchase at the range.)
  • Acceptable ear protection includes earplugs or shooting muffs. (Ear protection is available for rent or purchase at the range.)
  • All bullets must impact the rear berm ONLY. When putting up your target, place it on the cardboard so that you are firing parallel to the floor and ceiling. Shooting the floor, walls or ceiling may result in your ejection from the range.
  • Shooting across the range at other targets is not permitted. Shoot ONLY at the target directly in front of your lane.
  • Shotguns may NOT be fired from the hip. (If you have any questions about acceptable range-appropriate shooting positions, ask your Range Safety Officer.)
  • Stay behind the firing line at all times. No person will be allowed to cross the firing line at any time for any reason.
  • Alert the Range Safety Officer on the range if you need any assistance with your firearm or have questions about its operation. If you simply need a refresher on the range rules, the Range Safety Officer can help you with that, too!